Yes, Time Travel is possible and we do it ALL the Times, but we do it WRONG! Interstellar.jpg

  Remember the concept of tesseract used in Hollywood movie “Interstellar” where the protagonist (played by Matthew McConaughey) travels through this four dimensional structure? He was able to travel through ‘Time’ axis in this tesseract as he would walk four blocks to nearest Starbucks for his favorite beverage. Only difference is, this time he would be 2 years in the past, perhaps attending store inauguration of the same Starbucks.

4d-node         4D time axis.jpg

 Now, back to basics! How do we experience the external physical world? For us humans, we make use of the signals received from our five senses (taste, sight, touch, smell, and hearing) and create a reality in our brains. Sitting inside a lightless skull, our brain creates this vivid experience of reality we call LIFE. It rarely uses even 10% of input sensory information for this experience creation and hence, it is not difficult to imagine how different people may have different view-points of the same reality due to different processing of information by their uniquely different brains.


Still not convinced? Lets do one activity to experience it first hand. Take a look around, sink in this reality of the space you are at right now. Now, I am going to ask you to close your eyes and then you would need to get up and turn your body 180 degrees. If its safe, walk a few steps and then open your eyes. Ready?

Close your eyes now and observe what happens closely.


Welcome back!

Basically, I asked you to temporarily shut your sense of sight. With the remaining senses at your service, did you find any difficulty creating the reality? Whether its a Yes or a No, you did create ‘reality’ because you were 100% alive during that time and it was definitely different from your earlier experience of reality of the same space. You might have experienced your remaining senses heighten their sensitivity but it was merely your brain working harder on limited ‘provided information’. Now, can you imagine ‘realities’ of blind or deaf individuals on a day to day basis? Perhaps, yes.. to a certain degree.

Can you imagine ‘reality’ of animals who have different sensory inputs, like electro-receptors, sonars or infra-red imaging ? Read more about 10 Unusual Animal Senses here.

So, the reality is not happening outside, but inside our brains. Our brain is highly sophisticated piece of art. Its job is not just to create our reality and to help us survive long enough to be able to procreate, but it has promoted itself to start wondering about its own existence. Is that something or not!

Brain also stores our perception of reality as it is happening in real time. Its similar to “LIVE” function of Facebook and Instagram but without any “Stop Recording” option.

Live Function.png

The analogy doesn’t end here. Facebook organizes your information using a Timeline but your brain has a much better and perhaps, more complete timeline of your life story in form of memories. If you haven’t realized it yet, Facebook is very basic simulation of Brain‘s ‘Memory’ function and the Facebook Profile is a very simplistic representation of any Facebook User. Facebook’s commercial success lies in human species’s love for Socializing as it leaves us with a sense of worthiness due to law of relativity. Facebook offers us an illusional parameter to tangibly measure/display happiness in our lives and our society is slowly accepting it. The line of distinction between ‘virtual’ and ‘real’ is rapidly thinning due to exponential rise in Technological Advancement. More on this later.

brain Simulation FB.jpg

For now, lets get back to the REAL thing. Our brain memories live in 4 dimensions : three dimensional information from five senses and forth dimension of TIME to organize it linearly. Its pretty much like the tesseract of “Interstellar” movie and Yes, we can also travel through it, whenever we want!! But do we have conscious control over accessing our Memories ? More on how to access any portion of your timeline(memory) at will in the next blog – “An Effective Time Traveller“.

So, Brain stores the information received in form of memories and allows us to go back to old memories to experience (and analyze) them again. These old memories when played in our head with full concentration, are able to create an experience of similar reality (as in past) for us.

Yes! We technically live a fraction of old time again through our memories. In the spirit of popular time-travel definition, one should be able to visit past, but its your current personality which is visiting the past! The same happens when we run through our memories.

Take example of your first kiss! I hope all readers have experienced this beautiful event. If not, I request you to please stop reading further and do something about it. Click here for helpful tips.Perception of Memories .png

When you think about the time of your first kiss, it doesn’t really feel exactly like the first time, but your current personality observes the first kiss and may choose to associate a completely different meaning to it (mostly based on how relationship with that partner ended). This ‘meaning association’ keeps changing every time you visit this old memory due to changes to your current personality with time. This is similar to time-traveling to one 2011 event in year 2017 and then again, in year 2040. The perception of past will be different both these occasions because you would have changed a lot from 2017 till 2040. Similarly, whenever we re-live our past memories, we are indeed time-traveling in the past (as different personalities each time).

VR Future.jpg

We shall wait for technological advancements to allow copying of these brain memories to external hard-drives in their fullest, purest form. Thereafter, through a Virtual Reality gear, these digital memories could be fed  back to our five senses to create the same reality, the same experience of LIFE. Then this time-traveling concept will be more easily understood by masses, irrespective of how REAL it is even NOW.

Next question, Can we alter the past ‘reality’? Answer is Yes. I will let you do the maths on this one.

If this is not enough, it gets even trippier if you consider the fact that your brain records your current reality ALL the times and hence, even when you are reliving some old memories, you are creating new memories of doing the same.

thought pbserving.jpg

So, Time Travel is possible and we do it all the times! But we are doing it wrong.

I would be sharing my thoughts on being An Effective Time Traveller in my next blog.


Yogesh Baldotra

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