Mayura Testimonial (Large)


















Mayura Moroney (Manager, Ashok Leyland)

They say, ‘there are some people who know what to do and then there are others who do what they

know! ‘

Fireweavers gave me the platform to do what I always knew I wanted to do, but didn’t know where

to start or didn’t get the right platform!

I was searching on the web to get into an acting school, and as soon as I typed for acting schools

I found the first name as Fireweavers Productions, and fortunately there was an acting workshop

being conducted soon..:)

I hurried and made a call to Yogesh Baldotra-the founder of Fireweavers and very genuinely and

simplifying all my doubts – yogesh replied to all my queries.

I was all excited to join the workshop!

It was a month long activity on weekends, and on the very first day I realised how great a platform it

was to express yourself , to be yourself and most importantly enjoy to the fullest!! J

We had different sessions that were planned for every week that included improv activities, ways to

act , meditation sessions , mock shoots and in the end a perfect end-Video Portfolio!

Seeing yourself on the screen makes you get goosebumps!! I almost cried with joy when I saw my

portfolio and how well I had been trained to present myself on the screen.

Yogesh Baldotra has been an amazing mentor , a friend , a guide who will bring out the best in you!

We all as a team have had great fun , parties and learning on stage and off stage. I bet every

member of fireweavers will agree to this!

I was fortunate enough to get a platform to act on stage twice as well that too with a lead role..;)

I will be looking forward to act in many forthcoming movies and plays and I consider myself Lucky to




Soumya Singh

Ar Soumya Singh (Director, Broche Design)

I dream of winning! Getting rewarded! As a child I watched movies, big screens, and acknowledgments through interviews of my role models or my favourite celebrity. It was upto me if I let it fade away, or emboss those visions of myself in place of my role models. I am in a web of different people who support or do not support me. I got busy, earning for myself through my education and feeling good about it. Absolutely no regrets! In fact it is something I am proud to become, an architect. I like to build concepts, design spaces, products etc.
“Passion is not something which can me transmitted. It is there. Right there. Ignite it.”, I said to myself.
July 2012, was when I learnt about FireWeavers Theatre Group. As a lay man, not knowing about theatre or acting, I wanted to give it a shot. I was hunting for a group that starts from point Zero, irrespective of your personal background. I wanted to be myself. My new self. Failure? I had nothing to lose anyways. I made up my mind to search the groups in JustDial. The first one to appear was FireWeavers group. I, with all my hesitance to even inquire about it, made a call. I was knowing, to get into something new, Soumya, you ‘CAN’T’ start from Zero. Nobody will choose you. I had no background of acting. This thought stopped me to further inquire about it, apart from the dates and the registration fees.
I stopped to even further search for any other group. Days, weeks and months passed by. FireWeavers, did not stop to flourish, and more importantly letting people know about it. Sharing their events, activities and whereabouts through different media, especially whatsapp and facebook. Following them through these times, I built a connection with an apparent group. I wanted to get away with the hesitance, but failed every time.
September 2013, was when I again got inspired when I read about the play, “Khamosh Adalat Jari Hai” to be held soon. I thought to myself, “If not anything, the least I can do to my faded passion, is to go and watch the play. See their work”. I was utterly excited to go for it. I evoked my friends to join me. I grabbed the tickets and was curiously looking forward to the show.
The show left me with many positive thoughts, like, “Why can I not?” . The director of the play, Yogesh Baldotra, showed a very friendly approach to the audience. My layer of hesitance was peeling off with more and more information and actions performed by this group. Each character of the play, especially, Mayura, the protagonist, gave me a hope and inspired me once again, to “give it a shot”. The masterclass workshop announcement triggered the energy in me to go for it. Before any other feeling lets me down again, I decided to join FireWeavers. Registered my self and I am very proud I took up a decision and very lucky to be a part of the last workshop of the year 2013, “The Masterclass Workshop”, by Yogesh Baldotra.
The activities taken up by Mr. Yogesh is to deal with personal efficiency and exploring your own details. Uniqueness of this workshop is that it gives you freedom to be yourself. Yogesh, works on the participants individually, focusing and balancing on basic but very important aspects of hesitant and over-confident people. His works mainly focuses on self understanding and sharpening your existing tools and using it efficiently during the performance.
Over the years, many people being a member of this group, Yogesh makes sure everyone, according to their appropriate roles, gets an opportunity to perform and prove. Opportunity to not only absorb and grasp his directional tips, but also to express and share. He is always open to new ideas which always boosts up the confidence.
I was no different. I was also given a chance to perform the same play, “Khamosh Adalat Jari Hai”, which once I went to watch and looked up to. FireWeavers gave me a chance to CHANGE, “the least I could do for my passion to go watch”,to “Why can I not?” to “I did it”. It wasn’t a quick change. It charged time, energy, dedication and focus, of the Director, to help the performers getting more and more into the character. He brought me into a world where my character belonged and with his little instinctive inputs, I was able to unfold myself being fearless, confident, and 100% expressible.
When I could only half perform well and I would make blunders in the other half, He would just tell me one thing, “enjoy the stage, it is for you to have fun there, audience entertainment will follow”. There were 80% of the times during the show practice where I had let Yogesh and my team down. But my team, bucked me up every time. Yogesh would boost me up in order to keep me stable in the track of my role. When I stepped on the stage, with all those practices, rehearsals and direction running in my ears, I felt the stage was my own and I’m going to do it! Thanks will just be another word if I use it for the opportunity Yogesh gave me. Deeper meaning of it will be when I would be participating actively in all our shows and films and give back the same support as a team member of FireWeavers.
Also, I would like to describe the privilege of being a deciding member for the set of the show. Given a responsibility of the overall look and feel through our set was a big one. All credits to Yogesh for trusting in me to be able to do it and do it wonderfully.
Today I am doing what I always believed. That you’re not committed to only one profession. You have multiple aspects, unfold all. And for me, one of them just got unfolded. Gearing up for more and more. Staying hungry for ideas, Staying foolish for information and Staying updated to perform…and here, being a Fire!
Dheeraj Testimonial
Namrata Adeshra (Owner, Ambii Creations)
I have been associated with fireweavers since the last 18 months now and I must say that working in the production team for the short film projects has been a total package of serious work, creativity, deadlines, actor tatntrums and to top it all Yogesh’s humour to ease all the tensed moments. (all fireweavers members will know what I am talking about) The theatre and short film acting workshops are really amazing in terms of its quality, content and last but not the least the environment which I feel is very important to make the participants feel comfortable and bring out the best in them… Kudos..

Pari Testimonial-HDR (Large)

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