So far, Fireweavers Productions has produced over 11 Short Films in Hindi and English languages.

Following are quick Synopsis of them:

1. Where is my belt? –  Directed By Yogesh Baldotra

Synopsis: John is not able to find his belt and he is getting late for office. Sonu left for school without wishing his father. A short film dealing with Domestic Violence.

2. From Boredom to Salsa: Directed By Virupaxi & Shweta

Synopsis:  “Movies or Shopping!!” Tushar, a young IT professional, is over bored!! Every weekend for last 4 years, all he has done is either watched a movie or gone for shopping. He is looking for some freshness desperately and he soon finds himself enrolled for a SALSA class. And then ?? Well, yes he learns some moves and he meets his dream girl, but …….!!

3. Break Up: Directed By Akshata & Kiran

Synopsis: So, what is Love ?? Age old question with no sureshot answer!! And what is Break Up ?? This unique story is about a boy and a girl who are getting ready to meet their love interest for the last time !!

4. Double Faced : Directed By Shashank & Yogesh Baldotra

Synopsis:  Personality is a mask you believe in. But what if you are confused!!

5. G Pe Foda – Directed by Ankit Varshney

Synopsis: Man wakes up to find a boil on his butt! One minute hilarious short film.

6. Pati Patni aur Woh: Directed by Yogesh Baldotra

Synopsis : Life turns upside down when wife finds her husband cheating on her with her best friend. A simple solution is proposed for this, but it involves one death!

7. Dream On: Directed By Yogesh Baldotra

Synopsis : Dreams of a husband and wife confuse the audience till the revelation of well kept secret arrives!

8. Love Game: Directed By Rakhee Choudhary

Synopsis: Husband Wife turn Tom-Jerry one Sunday afternoon and end up just like the animated characters!

  9. Ashquie @ Google : Directed By Yogesh Baldotra

Synopsis: Three college roommates fall in love with the same girl. Two studs and one underdog who has only one friend in the world – Google! Will Google help him meet his soul mate!

10. Just Another Day :  Directed by Yogesh Baldotra

Synopsis: Chain smoker rethinks about his habit for a moment, and then ‘that’ feeling creeps in!

11. Project SHEindostan : Directed By Yogesh Baldotra

Synopsis: After watching Girl Molestation by Mob in Guwahati incident, we had to do something!

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